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International Journal Publications (Peer reviewed, ISI)

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Peer Reviewed Book Chapters and Peer-Reviewed Papers in Conference Proceedings

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Special Reports (EC, UNEP, IAEA, FEMA, Peer Reviewed)

  1. Cruz, A. M. (2014). Reporte de Recomendaciones: Semana de intercambio de experiencias internacionales en análisis de riesgo accidental y vulnerabilidad asociada al transporte de hidrocarburos. Report prepared for PNUD (United Nations Development Program office in Colombia) and ECOPETROL (the Colombian Petrolum Company), 7 February: 17 p.
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Invited communications for broad readership (Not peer reviewed)

  1. Cruz, A. M. and E. Krausmann (2009). Secondary Hazards following Natural Disasters: The Case of Natech Hazards. Emergency Management China, Beijing, China (Translated and published in Chinese).
  2. Cruz, A. M. (2006) Hazardous Materials Releases and Natural Disasters: Are Natech Disasters Being Considered? Emergency Management Canada, Fall: 28-31.

Other Paper and Reports (Not Reviewed)

  1. Cruz, A. M. (2012). Bringing Together Diverse Stakeholders to Address Natech Risks. Invited Book chapter in: Disaster Risk Management: Conflict and Cooperation. A. Sarkar and S. R. Sensarma (Eds.). Concept Publishing Company Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi: 365 p.
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